Weekly Report & Reflection #5

Hello readers,

This weeks topic was constructed around personal learning networks (PLN). Essentially a PLN for those who are unfamiliar with it is “the entire collection of people with whom you engage and exchange information, usually online” (Klingensmith, 2009). Networks in the PLN means social networks, blogs, wikis, rss readers, and many more. Generally by creating a PLN it can not only help with your professional life but also your personal life therefore it is very valuable.

Situasi, T. (2014). Retrieved from http://xmorbid.blogspot.ca/2014/10/twitter-logo.html

With that said, while exploring and adding more pages to my feedly this week I encountered a blog post that relates perfectly to this weeks discussion. What is a PLN?. This is a really good post for defining a PLN, giving examples of it, how can one create it and overall what it means to be an educator to create a PLN and to stay connected with it. I found this blog contributed extremely well to my learning of a PLN this week since it included and covered so many different areas of a PLN. Feel free to check it out.

By learning about PLN’s this week, I know in the future I will be using them like crazy. I plan to become a teacher and PLN’s have so many great beneifts for teachers by providing great ideas/knowledge, and also by creating one, I can help teach my students to learn how to use and create one.

I was also able to explore Twitter this week. I have used twitter before but not in this way. Usually I used twitter to stay connected with friends, this week I did no such thing, instead I used it to stay connected to educational sites, useful sites, and to stay connected to those in my course to see how there experiences in this class has been. With that said, twitter is quite simple and easy to use and so useful. It will be one of the main sites I will be using as a teacher as well to be part of my PLN to help me expand my PLN and to stay connected with the latest issues going on in my field.

N.A. (2011). Retrieved from http://olecommunity.com/the-power-of-personal-learning-networks-wait-what-is-a-personal-learning-network/
N.A. (2011). Retrieved from http://olecommunity.com/the-power-of-personal-learning-networks-wait-what-is-a-personal-learning-network/

Looking back at my blog post 2, I know right now I will have so many new websites to add and it has only been a few weeks since. Another great website I explored this week as a great tool is LinkedIn. I never knew this site existed until today which is quite a shame. This website can be used to take control of what others see and view you as by simply just creating a profile. This site is also a great way to stay connected with others in your field and to discuss the latest issues and solutions to them. All in all, wonderful site and it needs to be utilized more by individuals everywhere.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my post feel free to explore the websites I have listed above and below and feel free to follow me on twitter @Allypietrobon.

Have a good night everyone!



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